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About Us

Our Proposed Plan

We have created a unique fragrance oil collection of impressions/inspired by high quality fragances and niche scents that honors
men and women.  Our goal is set to reach
each individual from where you are. 

We have tested and experienced each scented oil so that you will not have to journey the
oils without a witness… US. 

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils derived from ingredients that are from around the world. If you like
the sweet and intense fragrance oil notes of ylang - ylang, ouud, peppermint, orange,
blossom, cinnamon, jasmine sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense and oil base scents just to name a few then
we are your collection.

The Vision

Scenting handsomely and beautifully

Keep your feet on the ground until you get to where you must go. Next ticket is yours to travel how you like.

Our Fragrance Oil Collection  experience exposes the grooming center. We emphasize our oils to assist in experiencing a wonderment in the world of fragrance oils for
the way it makes you feel on the inside and the outside.

For example, oils scented in the great ancient sandalwood
is most inviting in the fragrance world by showcasing woody, floral and balsamic
notes known for complimenting any fragrance. 
Our purpose is to have you wear the compliment and be the compliment.    

Byoote Collection 3 dares to be great.  We are inspired by inspiring you to be great
at what you do. This starts from within and echoes outwardly.

Just having a nice scent adds to your character.

Your scent is part of your signature and it can be the
ink in your pen on various levels from business encounters to marriage proposals.
Yes we want you to close the deal.



The journey is just beginning and destiny has an assigned time with an appointment



 Byoote Collection 3 has no affiliation and is
not sponsored or associated with any of the manufactures, trademark names or
designers mentioned on our website. We at Byoote Collection 3 does not use our
fragrance oils to mislead or confuse our customers in anyway. Our intention is
not to infridge on the designers name, the manufactures name or their trademark.
Please note that we do not represent our fragrance oils to be the original or an
exact replica. References to brand names are strictly made for comparison
purposes to give an idea of the fragrance character, feel and aroma accords.  Please note that these are fragrance/perfume
NOT original perfumes or colognes.