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I have always loved the beautiful scent of sweet perfumes since I was a small girl. I remember wanting to embrace my mother with hugs and kisses because she represented love and she smelled so good.  Knowing that her good would mark my clothes I knew that she would be with me all day. Just capturing those moments still moves me.  Allow me to build my journey.  It was when I was 14- years old when I found a new joy… oils.  Not just any oil but fragrance oils. It left a deep impression that remained with me to this day. I enjoy every scent and its unique adaptation of the aroma it nestles. Now FO’s are distinctively cultivated giving such a unique aroma ranging from gentle, insulting or beautiful. I relish in the beauty it provides. One can be the beauty of the ball (at work, home, dating, outings, vacation or being at a ball etc.) receiving so many accolades about your scent.  It is a surety to catch attention in pleasantries. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are a fragrance oil collection that transcend the aromatic scent to each individual. We have scents that are gentle and soft spoken, mild enough to acquire inquiries, and strong enough yet not insulting.  Nevertheless, you are the selector.  It is all about what you want. I can only hope that the wind catches you in all seasons.  Welcome to Byoote Collection 3