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What is fragrance oil?

What is fragrance oils?

Also known as perfume oil, aroma oil, designer oil or fragrance oil is a blend of natural scents or synthetics that are typically diluted with a carrier oil (vegetable or mineral oil).  Fragrance oil or Perfume Oil are the alcohol-free, all-natural types of perfume based on
raw fragrant plant-derived ingredients which are made to last longer with 6-15
hours of wear on average, more affordable, and gentler to the skin.


Difference between fragrance oil and perfume spray?

The main difference between a fragrance oil and a standard spray
perfume is that perfumes have high alcohol content, which further dilutes the
scent.  Perfumes and Cologne are made by
adding fragrance oil to alcohol.  The mixture is 10% oil and 90% alcohol. Perfume and Cologne sprays only last for a short span. 

The reason is that the alcohol speeds up the evaporation process. This is why perfume and cologne start
off strong and then dissolve quickly.


Other usage of fragrance oils;

 Fragrance oil is used in many cosmetic products. Like
cologne, perfume, soaps, candles, lotions etc. 
You can try adding a few drops to some burning candle wax, a few drops in
your laundry, ceiling fan, bath water, diffusers, simmering water on the stove
top. Pure fragrance oils will out last any air fresher brought at a retail store.

 Fragrance oils will surely charm you with
every developing note and make you fall in love with its amazing beauty.



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