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Jazz ( smooth & classy type)
Jazz ( smooth & classy type)
Jazz ( smooth & classy type)
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Jazz ( smooth & classy type)

Byoote Collection 3
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The Story

I was driving down the coast this past week, and I saw this beautiful field of flowers cascading over this mountain. There was not any grass surrounding the mountain, just flowers. I started reminiscing on how I use to play in fields filled with beautiful colorful flowers. (Laughing) I cannot believe how much I have changed. I had to. I needed to revamp myself. Not too much, just a little.

My focus was to engage in what made me so inviting. I willfully started hanging around top scents that I knew would stay loyal, so I called on spicy myrtle and bergamot -very subtle, nonetheless citrusy. Man, this coastal drive was what I needed. Next, I had pulled over to get what I knew would keep me centered to my destination a taste of coffee bean with a dab of chocolate-flavored in hazelnut; the aroma is a must-have.  Finally, I had to get dapper with leather and cedar very sensual; they scented me well. Knomi loves it. Note to self: A scent that finds a flower finds a good thing. Never stop searching for the flower that fits you.

Reminisce Nature Boy
Notes (Very handsome and so smooth)
bergamot, citrus, coffee bean, chocolate, hazelnut
Our Impression of Valentino Uomo



How to use:

1).  Use a moisturizer (lotion, body cream, Vaseline etc)

2). Pour a dime size in the palm of your hand. Then rub hands together.

3).  Apply oil to arm by gliding oil from your first risk (upward motion)  to your second risk (downward motion)

4). If any is left on you hand apply on thigh.


Note:  These are instructions for the best application for the best results.  Please use fragrances oils generously.

 Nevertheless, apply fragrance oils the way you desire.


Enjoy your scent


*Disclaimer* Byoote Collection 3 are Inspired impressions and versions of famous brand fragrances not associated in any way with the designer brands or manufacturers mentioned. The name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and designers. Brand Name and Designer Name are used for comparison purposes to give customers an idea of the fragrance character and scent accords.