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Collection: Meet the Ladies

Women's collection-WOMEN's four favorites

Zola (best seller)

A scent of enchantment carrying notes of apple blossom, ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla musk, and sandalwood. This is a fragrance that will have many asking you "What are you wearing?  

Our Impression of Chloe

Mallie (Molly)

Is a mild, clean and sexy kind of scent. This fragrance is a subtle attention catcher. Its notes carries black currant, raspberry, fruits, roses, ylang-ylang, vanilla.

Our Impression of Meliora


Just a whiff of this scent will have you feeling happy and smelling absolutely wonderful... The notes are a blend of grapefruit, quince, iris absolute, amber, cedarwood and musk

Our impression of Chance Tendre

Three Little Scented Ladies

These triplets are very fun to have in your collection of fragrance oil. Each scent has its unique brightness of mild and sweet aromas. They add a colorful layer to your daily wear.


Reign - Lillies, roses, sandalwood

Sweets - watermelon, mandarin orange and praline

Melo - honey suckle, peach and cedar.

What are they saying?

I am in love with
my new found collection.  Thank you for being
in business.  I received Zola the other
day and I’m once again in love.  This
scent is everything.  I will be buying
more and I  will tell others.  Thank you.

Cora (customer)



I receive compliments all day and all day I know I smell wonderful.  Thank you Nell for helping me to narrow down my
search for the perfect oil.  Mari is my
go to for all occasions.  You have a
customer for life. 

 Elisabeth (customer)

Naymen is it thats where im at

Phillip (customer)

As long as you bring the oils to the collection I will
buy.  I absolutely love Anya she really
does smell like Gucci 2.  I’ve search
high and low for this oil and now I found it. 
Thank you for all of your selections of oils.  I love every one I’ve purchased thus far…

Claudette (customer)